if you are having problems with Firefox browser then you contact Firefox support for help in any issue or error you came across while using Firefox browser. Firefox support team is always available to help you out. They will give you the best and easy solutions 


Firefox provide great user experience and made the internet browsing experience with a great list of features to protect you and increase efficiency of your work .but sometime you might face some error with Firefox maybe it can bbecause of the updates or the problem lies in the website you are using and for helpyou can also visit Firefox Technical Support


. The most general errors with Firefox are: 

  1. BAD GATEWAY (502) 

This error is caused because of server issues ad there no problem in your system. Clearing the cache and history might help in solving this problem caused this can be due to incorrect cache and history of the browser. 

  •  Connection timed out 


When you try to visit a website but it doesn’t load properly and fails . it might be due to it is taking longer than the time to load the page. Check your internet connection it is very slow that why it is taking this much time. 


  • Unable to connect 

When you are not able to connect tony website t and every time same error pops up with error. It can be due to you have no internet connection or poor internet connections because of this you’re not able to connect to website. 


  • Malware warning 

When you tropen a website but it redirects to different site and ad page is loaded automatically after that it starts showing virus detected .it is fake. You don’t have to worry about it just close the tab and perform a QuickScan and that all you have to do. 


  • Page not found (404) 

When you access a website but this error is shown , there is no issue with your browser but the site which you are trying to access is no longer available and doesn’t exist. you can try any other alternative for the site. 


These were the general error that users while trying to visit a site ,but there issues are not always related to browser sp you don’t have to worry .if you have any other problem with the firefox browser or regardinany site r need more information on this topic you can contact the Firefox Customer Support  for help.