Microsoft is the efficacious and most prominent multinational information technological platform to sell the computer software and the services. The issues & answers related to the operating system can be solved by the Microsoft FAQ support team.  




  • The issues that takes place to the users are the issues related to not finding of the product key whether it gets lost and not been mailed to the user at time of purchase
  • The issues that are related if the user wants to download the Windows from the website of the Microsoft and the copied version is not able to compatible to the operating system on which the user is still working and this leads to the problem to the user on working on the computer
  • The another howler that make hassle to the user is the media creation tool is not working with the desired limit and it makes the media to turn is not able to run accordingly
  • The question related to the working of the new operating system containing the new version of the Windows either it is Windows 7 or the Windows 10 
  • The user having the query related how the user know which of the version of the Windows is working on the system whether it is 64 bit or it is 32 bit operating system 

 Complete info regarding Microsoft excel- Microsoft Support


  • The inquisition that occurs that where the user can see the Windows edition either of the Windows 8 or the Windows 10 in the system and this makes stumbling block to the user while working on the system or the personal laptop
  • The wringer that is used by the user to get the answer is the whether the operating system is  34 bit operating system or the 64 bit operating system and which of the OS is used so that software according to the system can be downloaded and made run on it with ease for any query contact us 
  • Microsoft office support- Microsoft Office Support team will assist you 


  • The best elucidation is given by the Microsoft tech support team by providing the toll-free numbers of the Microsoft company customer care service so that the adequate amount of the solution can be made possible to the user in order to get rid from the question asked by the user 


 Notwithstanding, the refutation that is provided by the Microsoft support team so that the issue related to the operating system whether it is operating system and can be made the best possible solution to the user by providing the Microsoft customer care support  to the user with efficiently and simplicity.